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lepreaxsucking an uncut dick like

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How could an inferior, ugly black boy be able to get a white girl and not me? I am beautiful, and I am half white myself. I am descended from British aristocracy. He is descended from slaves. I deserve it more.

UCSB shooter’s manifesto, who, although the son of a British father and Asian mother, identified only as white because he “looked normal”. His anger was fueled by ideas that as a white male, he was denied his birthright: meaning “beautiful blonde white women”.

In the last 20 years, all but one school shooting were committed by white men, to shed some light on why gun control is an issue routinely ignored in this country.

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It’s sad because the day it happened I was in rehearsal and we were locked in on campus and they wouldn’t tell us what was going on. That whole week everyone was scared to go outside. Everyone looked over their shoulders for the next car that passed them. It was such a terrifying experience. No one felt safe. 

Yeah I understand he was sick but if he hadn’t adopted this idea of white male privilege that he literally wore over his heart this wouldn’t have happened.

Guns aren’t the reason this happened.

I walked around that campus everyday and it was bombarded by many white tall blonde males everywhere you turned. I experienced the aggressions of white male privilege all the time: whether it was at a party, on the street, in class, or even going to the men’s bathroom. It was hard because sometimes you felt inferior in that social environment whenever they were around drinking, yelling profanities at women who walked the streets, screaming at the top of their lungs, “YOLO!!!”They’d talk about all the women they slept with and all the “bitches and hoes” that denied them. They showed off their large muscles and thick abs in their “bro-tanks” and played beer pong with the music blaring throughout the whole neigborhood as if no one lived there. 

THIS is what Elliot longed for and strived for. He wanted that power and “success”. I don’t think it was women he really wanted at all. It was the privilege all those men in IV had. And he blamed women for not giving him that privilege. 

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"i don’t support feminism because i don’t hate men"


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